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Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts bag 215g


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Bassetts Allsorts - The Original Ones!

Liquorice allsorts (also spelled licorice allsorts) consist of a variety of liquorice candies sold as a mixture. These confections are made of liquorice, sugar, coconut, aniseed jelly, fruit flavourings, and gelatine.

About Bassett's Licorice Allsorts
They were first produced in Sheffield, England, by Geo. Bassett & Co Ltd who had taken over Wilkinsons (Pontefract cakes/mushrooms), Barratts (sherbert fountains/sweet cigarettes) and Trebor (mints) before being taken over themselves by the Cadbury's consortium).

Bassett's uses the story of their creation in their marketing. In 1899, Charlie Thompson, a sales representative, supposedly dropped a tray of samples he was showing a client, mixing up the various sweets. He scrambled to re-arrange them, and the client was intrigued by the new creation. Quickly the company began to mass-produce the allsorts, and they became very popular.

Allsorts are produced by many companies around the world today and are most popular in Britain.