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Weetabix Mini Chocolate Crisp 600g


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Weetabix Mini Chocolate . WHOLEGRAIN WHEAT CEREAL WITH CHOCOLATE, FORTIFIED WITH VITAMINS & IRON. HIGH IN FIBRE. WHOLEGRAIN. FORTIFIED WITH VITAMINS & IRON. Weetabix Minis. ...with Chocolate Crisp are tasty whole wheat biscuits with a totally delicious combination of dark chocolate chips and natural wholegrain. They are high in fibre and fortified with vitamins as well as iron. Naturally sustaining carbohydrates and vitamins provide energy to fuel you through the morning and help you to concentrate. Fibre helps to fill you up so that you are less likely to nibbble, as well as helping look after your digestive system Enjoy!... Why not try?... Fruit & Nut or Honey & Nut. All the breakfast cereals of the Weetabix Food Company are made with natural wholegrains. These wholegrains provide a valuable source of essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals ensuring that you get the nutritional value of every part of the grain. That means wherever you see the Weetabix sign on our bre