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So Excited!

I am not English, but I am thrilled to find your site and your CHOCOLATE!! UK Cadbury is SO much better than USA's
Can't wait to get my order!

A little bit of home in USA

I have been living in California for 24 years and have just recently found Jolly Grub after searching the web and trying different sites, I am amazed at the prices and the care in packing, I have just recieved my 3rd order and was not Disapointed, I wish I could have found you a lot sooner.


A wonderful place

Dear Folks:

My bank manager will not be pleased! I spent nearly $200 today on English food goods from you that included Branston Pickle, Walkers Crisps, Daddies Sauce, Quality Street chocolates, Easter Eggs and more! YOUR STORE IS ADDICTIVE! Customer service is brilliant. I just handed in my list of English goodies and there they were - including a jar of cockles! While my bank manager may not be pleased (!) I am overjoyed. He may be even unhappier next month when I return! Keep up the great work, folks!

With best wishes,

Andy Wilson


I have been ordering from Jolly Grub for a few years now and your service gets better every time. Nothing has ever been broken or damaged - you are the best Jolly Grub! Keep it up!

Everything is Perfect

Just received my second order and everything is perfect! It's wonderful to have such easy access to my favorite overseas goodies!

Diane Roddey

Reasonable Prices

Jolly Grub is just what I've been looking for! A Brit. food comp. that has a vast selection of items, packs things well, and ships them quickly. Not to mention your reasonable prices and shipping charges. I enjoy looking through your damaged booty and past sell by date items when there are any, always good bargains to be had! Thanks for doing what you do, and please, don't ever go out of business!

Louise Lyman


I placed my order on Wednesday and bright and early this morning it was delivered. Wowsa! I just want to say thanks for a fabulous service. Count me one loyal and enthusiastic customer.



Just wanted to say, YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC. I placed my first order on Wednesday and received it Friday morning (WOW), now I can relax and enjoy my English foods once more……thank you, thank you, thank you

Happy Easter

John Spittle

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