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Walkers Shtbred Petticoat Tails 5.3oz #130


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Walkers Shortbread Petticoat Tails 5.3oz

Walkers pure butter shortbread with crisp texture and sprinkled with touches of sugar, in a unique Petticoat Tail shape.

This uniquely shaped shortbread has a crisper texture and is sprinkled with sugar for those who prefer a sweeter shortbread. It's said that when Mary Queen of Scots came to Scotland in the 16th Century, her French chefs modified the large round cakes of shortbread so they could be broken into individual servings and called them Petit Gautelles (small cakes). The name was gradually anglicized into Petticoat Tails.

Perfect accompaniment to hot or iced tea, coffee, gourmet ice cream, mixed with small chocolates or desserts.